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[KK] BFK Flies a Plane

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In this episode, BigFuzzyKitten flies an airplane in order to reach the president in time to save him from terrorists.

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how many people does it take -

- to make an absolutely ridiculous flash file? nuff said.

Nice plane

I enjoyed this at least a little, because the intro was not that terrible. It reminded me of classic Looney Tunes or perhaps a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. I love cats, so it is pretty funny to just see a live-action cat face dance on a plane all day. From the title, I almost thought it was a parody of "Snakes On A Plane" as "Flies On A Plane' (as in the insect). I know that you guys do not care about improving on things, so I will not bother asking you to. As expected, the music got a little annoying after awhile.

Award winning documentary (short version)

In a few short frames you have perhaps
sent a clear international message ...
if only mankind would head your advice.

Annoying and droll.

just annoying and rather pathetic loop. If this is a first timer I guess it would be good to them but I just could not stand more than a few seconds of this. My head is about to explode. I make better tracks than this and rather longer too. They have a whole palithera of music on the portal. Just use that.

It will never get old

I love most of kitty krew's posts. Most are usually funny even though the flash might not be up to par or not even be flash at all. Regardless BFK always cracks me up.