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SSSWarriorCat ep 2 part 1

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ATTENTION: This was not made by me (again), made by my friend and fellow animation Asi. Yes, he has an NG account, does and will he ever use it? NO. That's why I do this, he even gave me these flash files for that reason. Sorry, he didn't give episode 1 because he lost it, damn, but here's a youtube link:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1XYgtSCHvp4&feature =PlayList&p=26112E48392C5 00F&playnext_from=PL&inde x=0&playnext=1

ALSO: THIS IS NOT MINE OR ASI'S STORY. This is based of the novel "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. So please don't whine about story to me or Asi. Thanks.

hope you like it, a lot of people asked for it so...I'm just pleasing the fans ;D

credz to Asi and Zing, awesome.

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I love watching this.

I watched Ep1 and Ep2 on Youtube, the way he animated Into the Wild so far is amazing. I hope he can find Ep1 so you can upload it.

wanton360 responds:

we're working on episode 3, I'll post that when it comes out.

Great work

Avery good piece of animation.It was a lot like how I pictured the book in my mind.I don't know why these people are criticizing this video.It's great to me!

It's a nice animation

Overall it's a good animation. It would really help if the voice actors were better at putting expression in their voice--they don't quite sound bored, but the way they deliver lines is flat compared to the action in the animation.

I subtracted one point because the author didn't post this himself. (I hope no one is surprised. It's in the author's comments.) I feel that authors should stand behind their own work. I can understand getting a distributor for commercial work, but in this case, the author could easily post this.

If authors don't post their own stuff, their work must either not be that important to them or they don't want their work posted here. That's the impression, anyway.

wanton360 responds:

he doesn't want his NG account flooded with the response i guess, and he doesn't like uploaded to NG. I don't really know, but he sent me the files and said upload them where ever so yeah, that's what I did.

sorry, just way too many inconsistancies

clean up the the animation, study your cats, and add some god damn emotion to the voices! At the rate you guys are going i say two more episodes before you get the scores you deserve

I agree with someguy49

Also, when the cat is in the swampy river, the collar disappears when he jumps out. And in the next scene, it is back on again. Also, in the second episode, the collar changes from blue to purple.

wanton360 responds:

I don't know about all this because I didn't help make this one. the change in color is probably the lighting, and why it disappears...probably a mistake, I don't know.