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Nicolas Cage Wants Cake

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I promise to never make anything this retarded ever again.

This really is just me taking a break from bigger projects to make something stupid, don't expect too much. I watched Brett Ratner's "The Family Man" over Christmas again and have wanted to make this since. I'm a big Cage fan and as much as it hurts to admit to liking something made by Brett Ratner; The Family Man is a really awesome flick. This is also kind of a tribute to those early flash movies like the Albino Blacksheep songs and a lot of classic NG stuff; complete with homemade techno, a black background and and some goofy looping animations. Enjoy.


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Wait us that? Nah it cant be... Sonichu? 😂😂😂😂

I've learned about this video today. Apparently it was a huge meme in 2010 that I've missed. Shame on me. This is completely replayable. I am addicted to this video. I hate you for being this good. Why are you so good? Why??

Also newgrounds > youtube

gimme dat cake


I was expecting way more tbh