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I wanted to build something confrontational, that would engage players to give thought to what they are doing both in and out of game.

The result is 'Loved' - a short story in the form of a flash platformer.

1. It should be much easier to perform precise drops now
2. Resurrecting inside walls should no longer be possible
3. Slope-related glitching should no longer occur
4. Added a small secret


A very nice, challenging platformer with a thought-provoking story wrapped around it. Well done! Although as others have pointed out, there was some lag when jumping which did cause some issues.

Cute game, though it gets really laggy when i go to jump or do anything with jumping

Great game, really enjoyed it. Especially the music!

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Markiplier played this and I just had to play it for myself XD

I am a female. No you are a boy.
I am a male. No you are a girl.
If you disobey, the world will become difficult to operate. At the end of the game you will enter a tunnel and keep going.
If you obey you will fall into a mountainous area and pick up the third coin, on which the game ends.

Why were there three coins? They represent the three stages of life - childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. If you obey the orders the game ends on adulthood. If you don't obey the orders the game ends on a tunnel - you never get the third coin.
What does this mean? The answers are many.

You live with an abusive parent. Your parent is quite possibly not mentally healthy. They keep insisting that you are a different gender than you actually are. Your parent is not only mentally abusive, but also very physically abusive. Possible hints at sexual abuse as well. If you obey your parent in their every whim, if you make them proud with your actions, you reach adulthood safe and sound, from where you are a master of yourself. If you disobey your parent, you never reach adulthood, meaning you are either beaten to death once, or end up doing activities dangerous to your health, which lead to premature death.

You are a transgender individual whose parents do accept it. You have extreme mental and behavioral problems, leading to you thinking that your parents are abusive or evil. You disobey them in everything, which probably leads you to leading a very dangerous lifestyle as a teenager which leads you to death. Or you obey your parents even though you feel abused, which leads to a moderately successful adulthood.

The game is literally asking you questions. Sometimes our genders don't match with the genders of the characters in the game. If you learn the controls of the game you master the game faster than if you skip the tutorial. If you follow a game's path you are likely to finish the game and be done with it. If you play around, the game becomes colorful, because you get to know more of it, but it can also turn into a game over because you're either not leveled up enough, or are fooling around too much.

Personally, I liked the 1st interpretation most because it is chilling. Whatever the message of the game was, the game was wonderful and I enjoyed it. A big thank you to the creators!

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4.36 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2010
8:57 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other

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