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Smart Soccer

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We don't know how Rob Green practiced for his role as England goalie but we're pretty sure he'd have done a better job on Saturday if he'd spent some time playing Smart Soccer, our brand new goalkeeping game.

In this fast-paced game you take on the role of goalie and you'll need lightning reactions to anticipate which way that shot is coming if you're to get there in time.

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nice soccer game! its the game of game you should get on your iphone. anyway nice game and some shots are really a challenge to catch.enough said, let's play some soccer y'all!


The Animation is cool :)



A nice concept with great presentation

I liked this game, it presented something new, but the gameplay problems were a bit too big to give this game an eight.

Graphics: 8/10
They're good. The ball animation was great, and so was the glass breaking. The gloves could have more animations such as punching the ball for example

Sound: 8/10
It's good and catches the soccer spirit. But it feels a little repetitive.

Gameplay: 6/10
The main problems are here. I liked it all around, but here are some stuff you should fix:
-There's no frickin' goal. This is not soccer. Sometimes I hit the ball and it went flying but it said I missed. Some other times it broke the glass on the right hand side and it said I saved it.
-From level 8 onwards it's pretty much impossible
-2 times out of ten or something the ball will go through your hand. This is a big problem in later levels
-Catching the ball was a little luck based
-Physics could be better

Fun Factor: 7/10
It's very fun actually.... if you can ignore the gameplay problems.

Concept: 8/10
Actually... I'm surprised people barely do games like this. So this one is probably the best around. No5 innovative but it fills a big void that haunted us soccer fans for a while.

Replay value: 6/10
Awww... it could be bigger if you could get past level 8. There I would keep going to see how far I can go. This way I just can't. Always restarting from level 1 might be a problem. A small one.

Final Score: 7/10
Fix all these problems, do some tweaks, post a sequel and I'll give it an 8 or maybe even a 9

Sequel potential: you might do one, because this game has big flaws, but if you fix them a third installment would probably need new stuff like playing with the striker as well.

Game is broken after 8th-9th level

When you reach a certain level it's not possible to catch the ball anymore, no matter how fast you are. If you're lucky you will save it, but the ball is too fast so you have to move your mouse too fast and the ball just goes between your gloves.

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2010
12:27 PM EDT