Boy with Nails for Eyes

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The Boy with Nails for Eyes is an independent motion comic, set in a grimy, grey little seaside town trapped by a brick-and-iron wall of factories. The story follows a young boy as he undertakes a quest that will draw him to the town's knotted heart, and into the domain of the shadowy hunger that stalks its streets.

The prologue tells of the days, unknown years ago, when a murder of crows swarmed upon the town. Haunted by their cries from daybreak to dark, the townsfolk experience strange visions...


The story is best viewed in FULLSCREEN MODE, so that the text is clearly legibile without having to use the zoom function. Full instructions on viewing the story are given in the loading screen.

A lofi version of the comic, featuring the images and text only, is available on my website (www.basement-garden.co.u k), which is linked from my profile. Also available are wallpapers and music downloads, plus the next chapter of the story itself (I'll be posting a Newgrounds version of this fairly soon, but my focus at the moment is on a comic commission, and on getting the art for the third chapter finished!)


Really pleased with the response so far - thanks to everyone for the encouragement and feedback. [In fact, I'm now quite overwhelmed by the level of response - thanks again to everyone who reviewed, whether you liked it or not. And cheers to Newgrounds for featuring this! I'll try to reply to everyone but I can't promise I will - if you really want to get an answer, the best idea is to email me through my website.]

I always intended the comic to be viewed fullscreen (I even considered making it obligatory, or automatically going to fullscreen when the comic starts, but I don't like that idea any more than, probably, anyone else does), but I do hear everyone on the text.

Later stages of the story will be a little heavier on the text (which is why I had to go for a small font size from the get-go) so in all honesty I think the text may well stay as it is, for the sake of consistency (and at the risk of pissing off a few people). Again, I *strongly* suggest *fullscreen viewing*, if the text is too small for you; unfortunately the highest file dimensions allowed by Newgrounds is even smaller than the original file dimensions(1060px/745px), so for this reason fullscreen is an even better idea from my point of view.





I loved the artwork in this, its so extraordinary! like nothing newgrounds should be hosting. this is way to awesome!
Im definitely voting 5!

shngrdnr responds:



I wasn't sure at first if I would be willing to go through the whole thing. However, as soon as I started I was drawn in. Everything about it was great. The art, the music, the transitions, the overall atmosphere... Since the Prologue was this good I cannot wait to see the rest.

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shngrdnr responds:

Cheers Zandrake, preciate it!

Some nice art

I like how you took a classic Tim Burton underdog character and started to give him a neat back story, it was a shame it ended too quickly though which was ironic as i found the general plot to unravel too slowly for my tastes; but it built atmospeare to what i hope to be an insightful story about one of my favorite poems. I also was quite impressed with you optional use of zooming into panels, which i found quite cool and handy.

Overall some pretty art and some subtle music justifies an 8 for your high grade work.

shngrdnr responds:

Actually Blackmage, I wasn't aware of the Tim Burton poem until after I started the story (which is a little embarassing, as I'm a Burton fan). A good friend mentioned it, and I panicked that the poem might be too similar to what I had planned - I was relieved that it's title was slightly different, and that it didn't have quite the same features (aside from the obvious) as my story. The actual inspiration came from lots of different source - the Tool video for 'Sober', a painting someone did at my school when I was sixteen, which I thought was brilliant, and never quite forgot - the list goes on...

As to the slow unfolding - it's going to be a long story. I reckon there's going to be around eighteen parts to bring the thing to its conclusion, and I've sketched out rough outlines for a sequel, as well. The action'll get upped as the story progresses, so see what you reckon in the future.


Great comic

Experimental YAY!!!!, i like mutch the art, the text, and the music, really, is one very good job, and the sounds good. In short this is AWEASOME
5/5 10/10. I wait for the second part

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shngrdnr responds:

Cheers Redskull


This is beautiful. Its like a poem with artwork, and it is very well written. You have planted the seed of a piece of work that will blossom, and I hope you nurture this story well and let it go to its full potential. Now the only I found odd was the title, I mean once you got to Plato's quote you could see what it stood for, but the ordinary person would think it was literally a boy with nails as his eyes. I am not marking you down though because it is only the cover of the story, and doesn't matter.

shngrdnr responds:

Thanks Guy - the boy will make an appearance in future chapters, no worries!

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Jun 12, 2010
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