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Peter Peel: can can can't

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Hello, this is Peter Peel. He's 20 years old and works in a convenience store. As a result his soul has been somewhat destroyed - but he can still dream :)


Written, directed and animated by Felix Massie
Music by Joe Paine

Episode 2 coming in a couple of weeks.

He's on Twitter by the way! @PeterPeel

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Big, high-reaching dreams and goals... all of them crushed by an old lady. :) And all ends with a single, morbid thought. Keeping it with that cynical humorous style! Another nice piece.


old people with saggy boobs always ruin everything lol

Poor Peter Peel. 5/5! Cheer's man!


Found this after re-watching The Pan for the first time in 6-7 years (god, it's been a long time!).

Great to see you're still doing some really interesting stuff! Really funny and cute. I really want to see more of this!

This flash is crunk Fo' Shissel!

It was Ok