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RWD:32 Angry Ginger Bread

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Author Comments

I thought his voice sounded like the gingerbread man in Shrek at some point so I made this. Also, I realized I should have submitted family farm as an RWD. Because thats what being in the RWD is or. making short silly things like this. I guess people need to have a label to tell them how to take things.

btw there's this thing called angry ginger kid. here's the video of an actual angry ginger. I used a part in the audio of this to animate it.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=T0rGdChsMAc

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Cobbercab is who I dont understand. he says he is proud to be -ginger- and yet he always complains about being called one. I mean he can always dye his hair I guess. IDK. but funny flash!

p.s to TinioMiguel It was based off of a real video. They used the real guy's voice. The guy is calling himself a ginger. hello! Lawl.

he sure is a ginger

i watched the original (few 20 times) still funny as hell! :D
nice animation only wish'd you added the
"yeah ima crhistian, i go to church" part
that would make it even funnier.

i love it

i love the music.it's funny and it's short and hes ginger hahaha lol

Do you really know what a ginger is?

Animation was good but ginger was lame. Ginger is not just a red head. A ginger is a red head with freckles. Your red head does not fit the bill. The joke was funny but get it right. Take it from a real light speckled ginger. Yeah, I am chastising you for messing up... a stereotype that I am true too.

AlmightyHans responds:

fuck off, "red head".


awesome that ginger bread man is a mutha f**kin bad ass