Hello Worlds!

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Hello Worlds! is a puzzle platformer which will bend your minds! Experience what it truly means to be beside yourselves.

Hello Worlds! is a University of Washington Computer Science project.

Updates and new levels will come on a regular basis! So check back.

Please submit bugs through Kongregate and screenshots/videos to helloworlds.bugs@gmail.co m. Thanks!

Visit the "UW CSE games page":http://www.cs.washi ngton.edu/research/projec ts/instr/cse481d/10sp/gam es/ for more games from UW-CSE.

Copyright Rich Snider, Blake Thomson, Jeff Flatten, Michael Eng, Marianne Lee 2010.


I love this concept!

It reminds me of my [Visible] games in a sense.

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Took me a while, but I got all 81 stars!!!(I think i got all of the stars....)

Amazing game, great puzzle, amazing music, game go pretty challenging

Overall: An amazing game

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Very muchg like "Braid"

Very good game play. Needs a story line though. Are you a spider or something?
Levels seem to be a bit easy for me though... maybe i play too much of these. Hehe Great job!

5/5 xD

This game kept me entertained until the very end and i HAD to get all the stars and that mirror level was tricky xD took me a sec to realise the platforms were moving... as well as the stacking level

Good game ^^

Is this a... Puzzle platformer? O.o

I didn't know they still existed ^^ It could have been a little bit more puzzle-y, but I won't take off any points for that due to the fact that it's the first decent puzzle platformer I've seen in a long time. The gameplay/controls are solid. Most of the puzzles were just right. I don't think any of them were too hard. Some of them actually caused me to think. CRAZY! The only thing I'm disappointed with is the top of the castle :P Oh well

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4.28 / 5.00

May 27, 2010
2:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle