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HeartDrive Ep.1 Space

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The Dimensions retain peace by the walls that sever their bonds. Three malevolent figures sought to break these bonds and connect the world in order to spiral existence itself into chaos. The Heroes of each dimension:Space, Nature and Balance will be pitted against one another by the main antagonists so that dimensional conquest can be achieved. However one thing stand in their way: TDA(The Dimension Alternates) a group of heroes who share bonds across space and time. These heroes must see through deception and band together to defeat the 3 antagonists. and save everyone from destruction.

Episode 1:Fire In the Sky(Space)

Shadow the hedgehog a hero of Space is confronted by Zero, also a hero of space by one of the three villains while Riku, a hero of balance is just finishing a fight with his dark side, Ansem only to engage in battle with Marluxia.

There is a battle guide in the extras with information of your enemies and your players.

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even tokepi could own these loser characters and there crap moves