A Jorb Well Done

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A cartoon from Homestarrunner.com by me and my brother Mike Chapman.

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Even though you are the fake, this is a real classic from 2001!

Imposter or not.

I love this cartoon. If you are the real Matt Chapman, I love your cartoons. If your an imposer, great choice on picking a cartoon, I love this one.

Will The Real Matt Chapman Please Stand UP

first off matt chapman is one of the creators of homestar runner if the person who has given the screen name matt chapman is matt chapman he has the right to post this since he and I am assuming the other person mike chapman his brother created it.They have there following over on their website so why bring it here now matt?I love this episode of homestar runner I seen it a couple of times on there website and now again here which makes it three time or there abouts that I have watch this episode and I love it.It is funny especially the end I love it good work. I hoping that matt might chime in give the scoop as to why he put it hear if it is truly matt that sign up and put it hear and not a poser.would love to give more stars but not sure if this is the real matt or just some guy that stole the work from the web site and put it up hear to thinking he was cool and this would boost his stats hear. If is you matt great joreb I love homestar runner and especially love strong bad. he is my favorite of them all.


As usual, im a homestarrunner fan myself and I just absolutely love your work! Especially this one! Its great, 10/10 and 5/5. Hope to see some new stuff in the near future and im looking forward to see some of the previous homestarruner toons as well. Cant wait!

You did a great jorb making this!

Great animation, amusing script, good voice actors, worthy of 10/10!

The only thing I can say is to make more of these! I definitally enjoy watching stuff from Homestar Runner.

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2.65 / 5.00

May 23, 2010
4:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original