Pixel Legions

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Back again, Newgrounds, with another completely different game

Armies of glowing pixels wage war in this fast-paced tactical action game. Employ a mix of clever strategy and brute force to dominate your opponents. New surprises await you on each battlefield. Up to eight armies can fight with thousands of pixels on screen at once.

Controls: Point and click 'n drag

-Attempted workaround for endless line-drawing browser bug. Clicking on the game screen once should stop it if it occurs now.
-Fixed a score entry bug that could break the game.
-Tweaked The Boss to be less exploitable.
-Improved badge support.
-Bombing runs should stop on Victory.
-Resume button wasn't working in some cases.
-Disabled High Scores button since Mochi is blocked here.
-Fixed Level 13 so bases don't get pushed off-screen.



Great strategy game. I love it. Unfortunately, the controls I did not like as much. Still, as simple as it is, this is the epitome of strategy on Newgrounds right now.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication, great game! You have my compliments.

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Awesome game

I've been wanting a game like this for so long.

But please.. Please... Pleaseeeeee make it possible to drag a box around units or something. Holy crap its so annoying to take one unit back and forth and try to select another... Or more. Half the time I end up sending the unit I just sent while trying to select another. It is the most frustrating thing in the game.

And this would be a really fun game for the iPod, would work better with the single unit thing.

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A dream come true

Wow man! How long have people been waiting for this? Well, I have been waiting for this some XX years! I felt like a general in Wargames kind of setting :)
The game is simple and complex. Very original strategic options, my compliments.
No real critics. Oh yeah, sometimes units (both yours and the AI) tend to run into a wall even if you quite clearly dragged a way around the wall. hmmm. It feels bad mentioning something like this with such a brilliant game...

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This is great!

I'm not to fond of the music selection, especially for this type of game. But other than that, every thing is pretty awesome.

I think you should further develop this game. A multiplayer version would be pretty great if you dig deeper into it :3!

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peretty damn gud

its tight

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4.40 / 5.00

May 21, 2010
2:07 PM EDT
Strategy - Other