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[KK] Sealab Collab

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The Kitty Krew Sealab 2021 Collab! We created this masterpiece over the course of 4 years and it's finally done. Enjoy!


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why kittykrew why bfk why charcoal125 why magyar why did you discrase a good cartoon show


For four years of (supposedly) hard work, this presentation was rather underwhelming. Text-to-speech voice acting over recycled images taken from the show does not a movie make. There was minimal animation and the graphics were equally choppy. The menu was probably the most entertaining aspect of the collaboration, though the secret movie in many KK collabs is always good for a cheap laugh.

I reckon you could have done this much work in roughly a few hours or a day. I think it could have turned out even better in that same time if you all worked together on one big movie instead of isolating your talents and coming up short as usual. As a suggestion, I propose that everyone involved in this movie take a few quick looks around the Newgrounds Portal for inspiration, as you clearly have some sort of Flash talent if the Intro pieces are any indication. Most newbies can't even be assed to put in a proper preloader, and you guys always have very fresh-looking ones - clearly you aren't applying your talents to their full extent.

Another suggestion would be to watch the show or even an episode of the show a few times and try to come up with some parodies for it. Certainly, there must be a more worthy spoof for this show than just an image of Dupree on a dolphin accompanied by screeching noises. I know ALL of you can do better.



Sealab was never a good show.

And this was never a good flash. oh well the world works in the strangest ways.

KittyKrew responds:

oh sry


I think this is like fighting the man from within the system.
It's like trolling without trolling. But this lacks any story.
I must say I either lack serotonin, Because I did not find any of it funny.
Only 4 options to see 4 different animations. And let's just saying there pretty bland.

KittyKrew responds:


four years for this O_o'

i dunno if it took four years i think it would have been in better quality then this

KittyKrew responds:

we tried real hard yo