Geoweasel Episode 1

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"Dangerous Download"
Nar manages to blow up half of the Geoweasel headquarters with the help of some outdated software.

Not counting the pilot (which is somewhere here in the depths of Newgrounds), this is the first Geoweasel cartoon. Original airdate: March 1, 2005. Please bear with us as we upload these now ancient episodes. They get better, I promise. If you don't believe me, you can always check out Geoweasel.com for the full series.

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This May Actually Be Real. To Avoid Explosions Like This. Put OS In A Supported Computer Parts
For Example:You Are Using Microsoft Windows And Apple. You Could Get Explosins From ERRORS
Of What You've Did. Do Things In Computers Like Place MAC OSX In Apple. Everything's Fine If You
Did Things Like This.

You Will get killed By Copying the Things Done In This Vedio.

Nice start

This was a good first episode of this series of yours,the animation was solid but the voice acting & script were awesome and i got a few good laughs from this,overall i think this series shows good promise. =)


I always appreciate these unearthed gems of Flash from ages past, as they all have a certain charm to their style and design. This Flash short is some proof to that, as it has a good deal of wit and off-beat humor that I relish the old-school Flashes for. Having not seen the pilot episode, I probably am missing some character information or story background, but I don't think it is terribly necessary to be able to enjoy the movie. Although the visuals are dated beyond today's standards, they do not detract from the movie at all, as the cartoony style of the character and settings are enough to render them irrelevant. The plot of this episode was also pretty funny, a good jab at the fierce competition between Microsoft and Apple computers.

This series should have it's own collection here on Newgrounds, seeing how many episodes and its own comedic value is so deserving of it.



Funny Short Stuffs!

love this, love the series.
and people reading this, they DO get better. a LOT better.

Pretty funny

Rather cheap animation and the mouths looked like they were just looping (perhaps without any specific timing). Well, this is ancient. The jokes were good, but I don't feel the immediate need to see all the future episodes.

Geoweasel responds:

Yeah, they were just loops, to save time. Not that these took much time back then, haha. Thank you for the honest review, I really appreciate it.

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May 18, 2010
1:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original