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The Random Insults Collab

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Author Comments

This is me NGgangsterpimp here. Im having my good friend LittleLuckyLink submit this Collab for me with these author comments since i am currently unable to.

HUGE credits to my LittleLuckyLink for putting so much into the creation of this collab. He gave me ideas, made the 46x46 icon, and even ended up finishing up the entire collab by putting the parts into it when i got way to lazy to. THANK YOU LINK! Thank you so much for helping me out you Mini Doctor Phil you.

Ive wanted to do this for a LOOONG time. Ever since i made Random Insults 2 I've actually wanted to do this. Im amazed that when i finally announced it, this many people joined up to actually make it happen. Thanks guys.

I super compressed the sound in this movie. I made the filesize as small as possible. My friends are amazed that i was able to do it.

Well, im glad that through all of my pure laziness, this thing is finally out. Enjoy.


Hi this is LLL. If you're someone who made a part for this collab but was disappointed because I didn't co author you, sorry. Don't be pissed at NGGP, be pissed at me. If NGGP wants to change anything with the co-authors, he can whenever he's available. Here is the list of everyone who was a part of the collab-

Tri-Circle, Who is now known as ToastedToastyToast

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that was mean D:

nggangsterpimp responds:

LOL it rockssssss. (:


nggangsterpimp responds:

loofofflll. (:

Awesome getting so many authors and organizing an insult collab! I still remember the very first one I saw so long ago. You've developed a lot man!

nggangsterpimp responds:

Thanks man, it was definitely a fun time, and a testament to how active I used to be here, and how many awesome people used to follow me. Good to see you enjoyed. lmao yes the first ones, especially 2, are the great originals.

DX5231 dissapointed me. I thought people put cruel humor in insults to make bad animators/pirate wannabes feel bad. In his, it wasn't even hurtful. It was just semi-random angry thoughts, with some foreplay.

nggangsterpimp responds:

Well thank you for the review.


nggangsterpimp responds:

Thank you.