Life In a Tank

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My second Senseless Short!

I got the idea for this animation after reading somewhere that goldfish had a 3 sec memory. It is probably untrue, but that would make life in a fish tank a little less boring:)

Anyway, I hope you like it!

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i thought it was great!

it was perfect. I was a little bit scared the old guy was going to loop 3 times, but then he died. I was thinking it would be a little funny if you just had the first one loop over and over again without ever stopping, kind of like the pokemon parody 'splash attack' or whatever it's called.

i felt pointless was good for this though, it's not like there's a whole lot of excitement being a goldfish. maybe you should have put a cock joke at the end, then people would shut up. also there's people that only have like a 30 second memory too... it crazy.

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Skeenee responds:

Tx mate!


Poor gold fish.They have 10 seconds memory don't they?


Reminds me of my old goldfish!

Keep making shorts like this

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Skeenee responds:

Tx for the comment!
Started working on a new one this week.

at first

i thought it was shit, but it got funnier.
it was a little too slow because it got boring after 3 times, dont cut down the amount if you re-upload, speed it up

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Skeenee responds:

Lol Tx!

I don´t think I´ll re-upload it. You are right, it is a bit boring; that was the way I intended it to be (now i realize it was a bad story telling choice).

I´ll concentrate more on the story-comedy for my new one!

lol treasure?

lol poor goldfish. Yeah the 3 sec memory thing is a myth goldfish can be trained to avoid certain conditions and navigate mazes and will retain that memory for at least a couple months perhaps even longer. Rather than using a hypothalamus to form memories like mammals and are instead proposed to use a section of their brain called the telencephalic pallia.

Good animation but could have used a bit more variety.

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Skeenee responds:

Tx for the educational minute:)

I knew it was probly a myth. It´s a bit sad though, they must be so friggin bored turning around endlessly in their tank:P

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May 12, 2010
1:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original