The Sound Walk

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Press the arrows at the correct time.
Move the bird with up and down arrows.
Launch your Soul Power with space when the gauge is ready.

If the game runs slow, try disabling the FX on the game mode selection screen.

(sadly the lag is due to the flash ads on the page, sorry about that, i can't do anything)


Flawed but good

I liked the game, but it lags really bad, and that made it kind of annoying. Aside from that, I really enjoyed it.


really good....

cool and awesome

i like ur graphics and the rhythm

awesome concept awesome game

this game is one of my favourites on here, ive completed it on nightmare and now averaging about 96% on each level so now im gunna try it on the hardest level!
i didnt find that this game lagged, you just need good rhythem. and a good tip is to follow the circle not the arrows or the animation (as pretty as it is) overall good game, nice concept, lysh graphics. only gets a 9 cos i want more levels! good job

Ok, What did you do with my Benifet of Doubt?

Ok, so i played your game in a popup window after closing all my other ones to take care of your Lag issue. My character is killed or trips is hit by the obstacles when they are at the half way point of the screen. This is no where near my guy, the spot light, or the GD white circled dot you put lined up with the approaching arrows to mock me. If you wanted to make a beautiful and probably fun game suck, you're rock solid.

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3.83 / 5.00

May 11, 2010
9:38 AM EDT