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The Interactive Report 2

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Author Comments

Well, my English teacher assigned me another English report, so you know what that means: another interactive report! This time I chose a subject that I thought was much more fitting to put on Newgrounds: the History of Animation

I did a bunch of research on animation, its roots, all that good stuff, and it's actually kind of interesting. So here's my presentation on the History of Animation.

You may think that some of this information is wrong. If so, tell me about it in the reviews, I'll see what I can do to change it. Who knows, that might even increase my grade!

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There were a few things that I would have worded differently, but that shouldn't be an issue. However, you may want to fix "Lenght" on the page about El Apostol, "Firts" on the page about Toy Story, what I believe to be grace, but is "Gace" on the page with The Polar Express, and "Convenience" and "Of" on the page describing Flash. They were simply typos, but they can have a huge effect.
Anyhow, I really enjoyed this. It was interesting to see the history of animation, and how it has evolved over time. I would say you'll likely get a fantastic grade on this assignment for effort, though the typos may arouse a massive issue - this being an English assignment. All in all, though, your efforts are commendable, and I wish you good luck! :]

blubfaceproduction responds:

Man, everyone loves this! It's so great! Thanks 4 the vote!

Not bad

If it weren't for the grammar problems in some areas it would be 10/10, but other than that pretty good.

I learned a lot. And that is the point of your project. Thank you.

Absolute truth

If not only the grammar mistakes I'd give this 5/5. But who cares, 4/5 is good enough.

Great report

There are a few spelling errors. "Came" in the Egyptian slide is spelt "cam". thats about it that I saw, you should get an A unless you teachers a bitch like mine

wait a moment

you said avatar accomplished the human like cgi, but what about that one movie. I think it was"the curious case of Benjamin button". it was the one were the guy was born old, and grew younger. the entire first half of the movie the main character was a cgi effect.

blubfaceproduction responds:

yes, but it didn't create the effect of having an entire world created in CGI, with characters that move naturally and accessories, clothin, and hair that moves with them.