Trafalgar Origins

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UPDATED v.1.4.3 (8th July 2010)
Copyright notice added

UPDATED v.1.4.1 (24th June 2010)
Instances of the game crashing in multi-player mode have been identified and fixed. Various other minor bugs identified and fixed.

UPDATED v.1.3.0 (25th May 2010)
The following changes have been made in response to player feedback:

The game has been re-optimised to reduce RAM requirements which should now prevent problems during mission load that some users on lower spec machines have been experiencing. Please note that the recommended level of RAM required for this game is 2GB.

Right click to remove auto-zoom. To completely prevent zooming you also need to turn auto-quality off

Trafalgar Origins is an educational online game set against a backdrop of British, French and Spanish tensions during the Napoleonic wars. In the game you take command of a Royal Navy ship and her crew, to go to battle in historical recreations of Napoleonic naval battles.

There are two modes of gameplay - Single Player and Multi-player.

There are 18 single player missions in total, split into 3 main groupings of Training, Arcade and Historic.

Training missions help you learn how to sail their ship as well as build up and manage your crew.

Arcade missions build on skills acquired during training, enabling you to take part in real nautical exercises, defeating foes, sinking ships and collecting loot.

Historic missions recreate actual skirmishes experienced by Nelson and the allied navy where you pit your skills against enemy ships.

The multi-player option allows you to play together in real time against up to four other users.

Have fun!

Recommended Spec:
Windows XP / Mac OX 10.4 or later
2.5Ghz Single Core CPU / 1.8Ghz Dual Core
2GB System RAM
10GB free hard drive space.


a few improvements

When you destroy the last ship in the game, it only gives you a few moments to collect whatever loot is in the water

basically, this is rarely enough time to pick up the loot... seems like a waste

also, ill second the comments made about the levels where its you vs 6 or so ships... just a bit too hard, especially with no health pickups etc (which, at least in arcade mode, may be a good idea)

lastly, the defense and reload speed crewmen dont feel like they make a difference... MAYBE defense makes you a little more resilient, but reload feels like it gives more damage (maybe, didnt test it) rather than faster reload speed, which, personally, i would prefer to higher damage.

anyway, otherwise, fantastic game. maybe next version could have different types of ships, weapons upgrades, maybe special abilities etc. good work

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Very cool game, work on the programming.

I believe there's a memory leak of sorts. after playing the first 9 levels things started to lag like made: reason the game started using the paging file.

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I love it!!

Very addictive, and engaging. The music is great! Great controls, great handling, all around great!

Multiplayer? alright

Was like a multiplayer combat-oriented Sid Meier's Pirates! Very cool.

Good game.

It's a very good game but you need to work on the lagging and continuous loops in the game. Good luck!

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4.10 / 5.00

May 5, 2010
12:06 PM EDT
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