Spanish Medio Ambiente

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This is my first major project in flash. It was created for my Spanish class and the narration was entirely built around the vocab we were supposed to use. Even so, I think it turned out moderately interesting, and I hope a few people other than myself can find some value in it. Thanks for watching!

(Oh, and I did honestly try to add a preloader, but for some reason it breaks the actionscript for the four play buttons. If someone'd like to see if they can fix that problem I'd greatly appreciate it. The file is right here: http://rapidshare.com/fil es/383200971/SSubjunctive _Proj._Preloader_Broken.f la.html )



i love the transition from the sunset to the moon its amazing! i never thought of it ...

EEL Taco & el burrito!!!

I don't love it, but I like it
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Good, needs more practice

Well I'm spanish myself, and I can tell you are doing good but really need to understand that Spanish sentences aren't built in the same order than english, I've seen a lot of phrases which sounded like a literal translation english>spanish, and that can confuse a Spanish guy (in Spain people hardly speaks another language so they won't be able to catch what you're saying)

Anyway that's just natural, if you read what Hulalaoo spits from time to time you'll notice he also does the same, literal spanish>english like that Pico day flash "Hunting to Piconjo" (Cazando a Piconjo) if you have no idea about spanish it can be confusing at first.

But looks like you have a lot of grammar, which is cool to make urself clear if you can't really clarify something at first. It's all about practice with this, keep it up ;) (I won't ask someone who is learning a language to pronounce it like a pro, I understand that some stuff like the double R is kinda complicated, like in perro, good work overall)

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Isimbot responds:

Hey, thanks for your review! I really appreciate it when someone takes some time to give advice. I found everything you said helpful and insightful. I intend to become fluent in Spanish and many other languages so I can certainly use all the help I can get! Thanks again, y ¬°gracias!

didnt like it

I didn't see anything special in this flash what so ever. nothing truly caught my eye and i never enjoyed any part of it


Good job, not perfect but close.

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May 3, 2010
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