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the mirror

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A song i found by luck and I couldn't resist to make this. I hope you enjoy it

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This flash is horrible. As the creator of this flash, you should feel bad.

I hope you feel bad about creating this horrible flash, it is less of a flash in the technical sense and more of what a man in a trenchcoat does to passerby.

It is bad, I can only say that this is horrible and there is no excuse and you should feel bad. This message is repetitive so you can see how unfunny and repetitive your flash is. You make comments like "So is your face" when a person mentions that your music sucks. That is a horrible comeback.

A proper statement would be, "Yes the flash sucks and I feel bad for making this flash."

Have a good day sir. no insult is meant by this post, only that your flash is bad but I am sure you are not a bad person but the same cannot be said for your flash because it is the hitler in terms of moral horribleness.

But you sir are a good person for all intents and purposes.

Have a good day.

mdpreado responds:

to be honest i didnt think it was going to get through the portal

'sos your face' is a great comeback

and your review was too long

and your face is ugly



mdpreado responds:

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeey


Not even a movie just a mere slide show w/ music...

mdpreado responds:

sos your face


I'm sorry but can you not waste time making a flash like this. people want a flash that entertains them or makes them laugh. if you try I'm sure you could make one. this is just repetitive and wastes our time. no one likes a flash with words on the screen unless its like subtitles for like when they are talking. make like an action or comedy or something. but not this.

mdpreado responds:

well dont watch it then.........

ha ha ha

So why did you do this?
Did you actually think someone will find this "movie" enyoiable??
NO! You could animate somethink for the music... even a crapy art thing, but dont write two sentences!

mdpreado responds:

my flash thing ran out....and now you maded me sad

Credits & Info

1.63 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
8:33 AM EDT
Music Video

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