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Just a brief start to a "flashproject" of mine.




Most greasteret lawn mower shooter action ever!!

I have played Many Lawn Mower Elite Shooter Action Games in my Life and I must say this is the best of every other Game in this Genre! I can't wait to see a Sequel to this Excellent Game maybe it will feature more Lawn Mowers maybe with Electrical Powers they use to create Shock Waves to deal Damage to the Player/Protagonist maybe even more Back Story (why is the Mad Scientist MAD? Maybe make him even more mad it would be a Good Idea, I don't know.)! Use more Weaponry maybe you can kill them with Samurai Sword or Shotgun or even a Laser Machingun that you can unlock by killing many Lawn Mower!! Also maybe a Boss Mower that uses Telekinetic Powers for administering Great Damage to the Player/Protagonist and he's got Minions and everything little Mini Lawn Mowers with little Prison Knives trying to Shank you (Player/Protagonist). All in all Great Game I hope you will make a Great Sequel to that i can also enjoy as much as i enjoyed this Great Game!!! Good luck to you and your Future Endeavors Bye from Me!!!!

its ok i guess

like you said its a work in progress but you need to add alot of things:
1. to start, nothing happens after they get past the guy, they go off screen ad explode.
2. yeah the fire rate is really crazy, its less of a pistol and more of an uzi is wat i feel
3. if you are going to add health to either the mowers or the guy, put less mowers
i hope you improve on your game

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some ideas for u:

ok, the fact that you DO have a working control system is good BUT, add health to the mowers so you need to shoot them 1-3 times. Add a firerate limit, the gus fires WAY too fast.
basee HP?

either way, good game system and good graphics, but make the text a but larger.

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You need to add some point system maybe some power ups and let him die

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1.38 / 5.00

May 1, 2010
12:19 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight