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Pico Mart

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*** 6th Place Pico Day 2010***
Tom and EVERYONE on the NG staff thank you so much for this honor! We love Newgrounds and everything it stands for. Look forward to more from us :D
*** FRONT PAGE! Thanks so much guys! We worked hard to bring you a fresh and fun short to celebrate our beloved Pico! We're glad it's being enjoyed so much and we appreciate all/any comments! LONG LIVE THE PICO!***

Happy birthday Tom!

Pico's shopping night doesn't go exactly as he expected it to.

Characters by Tom Fulp

Mom Design by Sabtastic!
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/sabtastic/mom-m eet-dad

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lmao best plot twist: luis the cashier shot the fucking ├╝berkid's leg and Darnell just shakes his head

he didnt know they were just playing around


Oh my. That is some sweet-ass animation. Sometimes I forget that NG has such great hidden gems.