Insert Coin: Pico N' Me

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UPDATE - v1.1c [12/05/2010]:
- Added secondary control scheme (uses Mouse to aim).
- Increased the skull enemies health (takes about 2.5 direct hits now rather than 1.5).

UPDATE - v1.1b [11/05/2010]:
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes your gun disappears (for real this time).
- Fixed a small error involving the quick tutorial pop-up.

UPDATE - v1.1a [6/05/2010]:
- Fixed a case where sometimes the sound of a Monster Door exploding would loop.
- Modified the way the collision detection is done (if you are still falling through the ground in this update tell me).
- Added a quick tutorial when you start the game (for those people who just go straight into the game without checking the controls).
- Attempted to (and maybe did) fix the problem where sometimes you gun disappears and you can't do anything.
- Made it so once you go into the male/female toilets or the basement closet and go back out the monsters don't respawn.
- Increased the character's friction while on the ground (slide less).

UPDATE - v1.1 [2/05/2010]:
- CHECKPOINT after beating the first boss! (if you die after the 1st boss, you restart in the Cafe).
- Enemies reduced on 1st level (1 less worm & 1 less shooter).
- The worms on the first level now spawn closer to the enemy (forces you to take care of them before the rest of the enemies).
- Message boxes now show at the top of the screen and are slightly more transparent.
- Cakes now heal 2.5 boxes of health rather than just 2.
- The shotgun sound effect volume has been reduced slightly.
- The tables in the cafe no longer absorb bullets (you can not longer land on them either).
- Ground detection on most levels should be increased now (hopefully you won't fall through now).
- You can no longer camp on the left wall during the Pool Boss.
- Gravity has been increased (fall down faster after jump).
- Shotgun spread has been decreased slightly (more accurate from afar).

Have Fun as you blast your way through this short game. Remember, to be able to advance you have to take out all the monster in that room and to stop those respawning enemies from respawning: destroy their 'monster' doors!




I give this a two because there was a good idea but that was it. You play as pico with a shotgun FORE EVER. There is no variation in weapons because there is only one weapon. And what happened to the classic Pico uzi. I also found no point in needing to kill EVERYONE Just to go through one door. You forgot something one spot back, well then your screwed until you finished killing those enemies. JUST TO GO BACK TO THE SAME ENEMIES THAT YOU JUST KILLED. I go to talk to Nina/nene and it turns out i'm surprise attacked by the enemies that I just killed. This is a terrible game with promise that it didn't go for. This was terrible.

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Good ideas... but...

This flash seems to have the potential to be a fun game. Though in response to some users below. Using the up and down arrows is integral to doing anything in this game. I beat the first boss and then gave up, I simply found it too ... I don't know the word, but it seemed like a game that is IN progress, not a finished product. So 2/5 5/10

Decent but...

The glitches make it unplayable. Especially falling through the ground....

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Torrunt responds:

I thought the falling through the ground glitch was very rare but apparently not... I also thought i would have fixed it in the v1.1 update but apparently not... D: No idea what's causing it and i have never had it happen to me. I'll try and find and fix what's causing it.

Bad controls

Ripping of Contra's controls is one thing, but doing it badly is another.

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Torrunt responds:

I've never played Contra and the controls a fine when you get used to it. It seems like quite a lot of people have gotten used to the controls pretty quick, there's just no pleasing everybody.
I'll make sure my next games have control customization or at least different control schemes to choose from or even if i have enough time i might update this game with one of those.

The small creatures is easy

Go on the stairs and kill them they only have 1 health.Or just put down the gun and shoot.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
12:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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