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Didga's Adventure Demo

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Author Comments

This is a finished demo of the game. It is my first real platform game that my wife and I are working on. I want to add more, but I would like to see what others think of it so far.

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pretty good

graphics are good, but the punching is really laggy, and sometimes he wouldnlt even punch, and also i think that when you jump you are in the air for too long making it hard to get over enemies or other obstacles to get a better position, but good game though

Its ok

Its kind of annoying when you run and then stop, but you still go for a while. It's pretty fun, but there should be more than one type of attack. The art is awesome. Good luck

good job

nice game
a few things worth mentioning are: i have to say is that its kind of awkward using the w key as the key to jump, because in most games the up arrow is used to jump, but maybe you have some reasoning as to why its like that

i also feels like the game play is kind of slow and laggy, and most of the monsters kind of walk off cliffs by themselves so it kinda takes away from the challenge

anyways nice job =] cant wait to see the finished product =D

graphics are good

The graphics of this game are very good.

Here are my suggestions:

One of my biggest complaints is the jump button. it feels like it should be the "up" key.

Feels like there should be a block button.

Maybe different moves other than punch, like range attacks.

Maybe add some power-ups for strength or what not.

Have experience value for each monster, so when one is killed you get that value in experience points towards leveling up.

The monsters should stay on the platform they are on. Like, when they reach the edge, they turn back.

Monsters should have line of sight. I am not sure about this one, but I think that one monster saw the character when he was in the large pit and moved down.

Monsters group together making easy for a "multi-kill"

Maybe add a point system... but that system can be taken out if the experience system is used.

Not bad

Just took me awhile to find out what the controls were, had to push a bunch of buttons randomly until I found that W was jump and D was attack. Dunno if there are any other controls either...

Looking forward to a complete game though, hopefully with some extra weapons [though, there may be some in this demo, didn't get too far].