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Magic Orbs

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Find your way into heart of the lost temple, going through the fascinating magic maze to find an ancient treasures. Magical and mechanical barriers closing the path to it, and only power of the magic orbs will help you in this exciting journey.

Move - arrow or WASD
Action - SPACE

Left click

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Pretty interesting concept, with a nice execution. Plus, I really enjoy more slow-paced games that challenge my brain. The music fits nicely, too.
The main negative I have is some glitching. Along with the character's movement switching between lagging and jumping, I ran into a glitch several times where I suddenly disappeared and reappeared on an entirely different spot on the map. The second time, I actually ended up outside of the entire dungeon! A very minor fault is that some of the wording is incorrect and a little confusing, at least on the English version.

Pretty good

Great puzzle game w/ beautiful graphics

I really like how polished this game is - and great concept and level design.

There's a bug on level 27, where if I walk up and left I can enter the exit room (with the platform) through the top-left corner of the room below it.

Smile in your sleep, you're wrong!

American is a dialect of english, it could have australian or british as a language too. At any rate, an awesome game, i am always happy to see that there are good puzzle games on this site not just reaction or shooters, they get boring.

A break down:
Game Play: 9
Fun to play and it evolves throughout the game, it keeps you puzzled with new types of puzzles and new elements of the game while still relying on skill, not just blind luck.

Graphics: 10
Although not stunning, it serves it's purpose perfectly.

Music: 9
A bit annoying after a while, but i think it's the right kind of music for this kind of puzzle.

Programed: 10
No glitches, smooth gameplay.

Story: 9
While it had a bit of a story, it didn't appear throughout the game, and while this barely detracted from the game, it leaves a bit of room for improvement.

:D I'm rounding to a ten, please make more!

1 mistake

American is not a language its english thats the language