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Author Comments

You are a chicken that has escaped and you are gonna try to find the cages and set all your mates free from a uncertain and painful death in the slaughterhouse.


The fuck...?

Not only was this poorly put together and lacked any actual thought beforehand, it was the opposite of entertaining in almost all ways, the graphics we're horrendous, the music was even more annoying than a crying baby in a movie theater, the controls set you back more than anything else, and the idea overall isn't very unique.

All in all, terrible.

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the reason 8 bit might have died

yeah, sorry to say it buddy, but even for an extremely old school 8bit console (which this has the graphics of, close anyway) this is pretty piss poor.

give your players more "wiggle room" with jumps, not a ton to make it easy, but realise you're not programming to entertain cyborgs who never miss a keypress on time with pinpoint accuracy.

work on the controls, A LOT, they feel extremely stiff and rigid and hard to get used to, also you're background choice only makes the controls worse since it's harder to jump before you need to to know where the PC's jumping limit exactly is, try not to use one single .jpg per level and add some flavor scenery items, hell consider obscuring the player's view of the PC rarely even, that can be a fine line, but it can be a very good tool as well if done reasonably.

the sound, at least put a volume or ON/OFF mute switch in the game somewhere, because frankly your sound choices for this game aren't very good imo. kudos if you can make music mutable seperately as well.

all i can really think besides what i've already said, is play this through yourself at least first before you submit it and work on the difficulty pacing and feasability of some of the platforming in this one.
actually, scratch that, have your brother/mother/sister/father play through this after you've played it once and ask them to tell you what they think of areas they had problems with or just suggestions in general and stuff.

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Credits & Info

1.48 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2010
10:17 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop