Little Guy Drawmation

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little guy teleports into some kind of platform world and tries to escape. Werry short :(



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Scroll Down To "LEARN FLASH"
Select "Learn Flash"
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Now, the animation that was drawn on the very blurry graph paper was quite good. Nice flow...blurry as all hell.... beginning and end.

If you are unhappy about the length, fix it or don't say anything.

Its always good to have a positive attitude about your work, because its showcasing your "AMAZING UBER POWERS" aka you.

Try posting a polished piece next time, I can guarantee you'll receive much better praise and allure.

Final Note: This is NEWGROUNDS, not f**king YouTube. He who has the most videos on the web is not always the winner, especially if said videos look like this.

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just plain boring

Film your page flipping animation with a 12 kpx webcam (out of focus nonetheless) and submit it to a Flash site?

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mindbendA responds:

if it can be posted why not?


check the quality and it could get a 10.. but for now

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damn the quality on this sucks really bad but the detail in the graphics and the animation was very good so ill give you an 8

Good effort

I wasn't really sure what to rate this. The drawings, "animation," and concept were pretty good, but the fact that it was all done on paper which you compiled photos of into this animation... It just looks really bad. This would be much better either: 1) using a scanner to digitize the drawings, 2) seting the camera in one position and simply sliding the paper, in order to maintain a similar angle and lighting, or 3) just flat-out being made in Flash (much more expensive and impractical for this situation)

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mindbendA responds:

some of your rewiews are too strict it was just a fun idea to film drawings

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Apr 22, 2010
12:47 AM EDT