Little Stars Little Wars

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Author Comments

A simple strategy game. Capture, fight, defend, domination... sitting at the "special military terminal".

The aim of the game is to capture all star systems on the level.

To send your ships from one system to another, click on the first system, then on the second.

For the automatic transmission of your ships, click on the the first system and drag the cursor to the second system. On the first system will be created the marker.

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Good game until I played the blue.


it could be a fun game but i don't see a way to send say 50% so it may it easy to lose a base make one that i can send a set % and your be good

a few major flaws

1. the zerg attacks. when you send ALL of your units at once, you leave yourself exposed to easily getting attacked.
2. biased computer players. they what to destroy and if any other computer player gets in the way, then they will knock them out of the way.
3. an multiplayer version would be nice, where you can choose (percent based) how may units to send. this would be more fun then bashing your head into the computer over and over.
4. for single player mode, power-ups. being able to upgrade your planets, or your ships can take more damage, ect. i do not know 1 gamer that does not like power-ups.
5. when a planet you controlled was taken over, then you re-capture it, you have to reset the auto send. it would have been nice to have it resume where it left off. this requires the player to choose to shift the flow, instead of making the player reset the flow every time.

on the plus side: 3 speed settings let you play at your pace, so you have more control.


I thoroughly enjoyed it, but often time and time again it aggravated me. I would also enjoy an upgrading system and perhaps a Galactic Mode where its hundreds of stars (scaled down to proportion) and intricately connected systems with choke points and etc. Perhaps also a wave system, whereas you defeat level 1, level two is level 1 zoomed out with more stars, level 3 is level 2 zoomed out, etc. Pair that with an upgrading system and it would be awesome.

Just some upgrades I think would be useful:
-Advanced Engines
-Combat Refit (makes each ship have the power of two)
-Advanced Construction (faster spawning)
-Infantry Barge (a manual ability where you click a planet and it produces ships slower, but each ship cannot attack other ships but rather planets only with increased power value [i.e. 5 versus a planet])

I know Flash is a b*tch, but if you dedicated to this as a full-time project and maybe got some programming volunteers, and with what I've seen you do so far- i'm sure you could make this into an awesome game.

Not bad, not good , but not bad

You have the start of a decent game here, just needs to be fleshed out a bit.

First off it's buggy, while the auto send feature is nice the general one shot send is a little trickier, the selection sometimes sticks after you send ships. Also in the sending if you send ships the wold should only send half of what it has not every thing.

Next, IDK if you intended it but the CPU has bonuses that the player doesn't get, I've seen enemy ships that are less than what is at my star and the star got taken over.

If you consider a sequal I would suggest adding an upgrade system for the player, ie faster spawning, faster ships, increased offense/defense values etc.

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2010
6:06 PM EDT
Strategy - Other