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stick fight draft.

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I'm an animator experimenting with stick figures.
i studied the ways people make little stick figures fights look so smoothly and gave it a shot.
these are the results...

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Another uncreative stick fight

Your pretty good for someone who's just starting. (I hope your just starting) but we don't need any more boring, same old stick fighting action.

Mrakhc responds:

yeah i just thought i'd give it a shot and wanted to see what people thought of it.

Good! I mean great!

Nice FBF animating!
I don't have anything else to say.

Mrakhc responds:

thanks man

It's a little stiff

When your characters are moving, everything works fine. However, there are points when your characters just stop moving in between actions. If you want them to pause, that's fine, but I'd recommend to have them wavering at least a little bit. Otherwise, it breaks up the flow of the action.

And now to point out the obvious. Since this is called a draft, I'm going to assume it's unfinished. That being said, a background and some SFX would be a serious help.

That being said, you have the beginnings of a pretty decent stick movie here. I'd recommend that you keep working on it, add some finishing touches and maybe make it a bit longer. As an experiment, you're definitely on the right track. As a final piece, you've got a bit more work to do.

Mrakhc responds:

thanks for the tips and shit.
i'll eventually end up finishing it but im more into non stick animating and stick fights are such a drag to make.

too short

make it longer, but nice job, they call me the BLAMERANG, the blamerang has been thrown away. it didn't come back.


Don't put drafts up here. and try and out sound up on it. also you could use a loading screen