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Ye Olde Mega Man

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Mega Man in ye olden times!

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Ah, this does remind me of the grand old times Sir Man X would have, discussing politics with Sir F. Mammoth.

I bet MasaAndMune 5 bux that this could be an old cinematic film for a call in Megaman Battle Network, and Star Force. Or a project in that classroom of how the original rockman confronted his enemies in the good 'ol days. Probably a bad idea for Wily to be standing there. Retard

This movie is SO classic! XD
It remembers my childhood times when i played Megaman's games to GB (GameBoy).

It's SO classic.

C'mon, you HAVE to do more of these! Parody other games, too! Silent movie humor never gets old! (I'm wondering if you were inspired by the little old-looking black-and-white Mega Man cartoon shown by frames on a loop on a TV screen in the corner of a bar in Mega Man Legends 2, like it was a parody of Astro Boy.)


cool! that was one funny video!