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Author Comments

An impending assault is about to happen and the only defensive stance you got is a badly constructed wall.

Give these invaders everything you got.

-20 challenging levels
-12 demons classes
-10 weapons
-4 supports
-Lots of killing

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awesome !!
too good a game . jst remember to save up money and first buy an automatic(fast -fire) bow.
also remember to continuously switch bows according to enemies and situations
GOOD LUCK and this game is like good

Fun, but imposible to win.

As others before me have stated, this could quite possibly be an amazing game, if not for the few small problems like highly armored and numerous enemies, the low damage done by the weaponry available and ill-proportioned reload times, and the glitch in the demon encyclopedia. There were also 2 gliches concerning the levels, one of them causing me to skip up to 3-4 levels at a time, drastically shortening the game and probably causing the demon entries glitch. The other one causes the final level - which should have almost 400 Demonites - to have a substantially lower amount, zero. Absolutly no demonites appeared in the final level when I entered it and my henchmen would fire at the empty skies for a few seconds then the level would end and the game would say that I "won" the level, but when I went to the levels screen it was not crossed off as the other levels I had completed (or been forced to skip due to the first glitch) were. This makes it truly impossible to complete the game. This is not a bad game. It's actually pretty fun, but it would be even more fun if those glitches were fixed and either: the weapons 1. did more damage, and/or 2. had faster reload times. Or, ("And" would be nice, too) the demonites had less health/ "armor," did not appear in such large numbers (in one level I played it started as a trickle of 10-20 demonites, then all the others came out at once, if I hadn't had the "Show 'Em No Mercy" ability, I most certainly would have died), and/or the ranged enemies did not do so much damage and group up in packs (a group of 6-7 bombers hiding behind an entire level's worth of barbarians and vikings was my downfall many times). As I stated earlier, this is a really fun game, easily worthy of the 8/10 I've given it, but if those things were fixed (the glitches most of all, I could still play the game if you didn't change the weapons or enemies) it could absolutly be a 9 or 10.


the guns dont do enough damage for the amount of enemies that are present. its rather disappointing, seems like it has potential. i like the art and the music as well. definitely needs some balancing.

insanly hard

i good game until you get to level 4.
but even that wouldn't be as bad if there were less of the neanderthal demons and more lower levels.
like those before me i say u need to gamer test ur games first and make sure that YOU can beat it.
p.s. nice music

A tad rediculously difficult...

After the 15th time I got pwned on level FOUR I gave up. Maybe you should player test your games before publishing. Either decrease enemy speed, armor or numbers because I would wager I'd have to get all 4 henchmen and the best gun to get past level 5.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2010
12:12 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed