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An Easter Massacre 4

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EDIT: Thanks for the front and the 2nd guys.

So get this. All's going good right? Action's done, all that's left is to animate the plot sequences, right? Right. So I get on that, animate the hell out of the plot; lookin' good right? Wrong. Just then, two days ago, Flash decides to play the hero and go rogue on me with a big "FUCK YOU" right to the face by corrupting the .FLA.

Luckily, I had a backup. Lol. I had to sacrifice a scene or two to finish on time - but I actually think it's funnier like this.

Ok now that that's out of the way, this was mainly an experiment. The art for this was made in short sections going as far back as last August (which is why the style changes like 8 times, for example the preloader image was made when I was on that stained glass kick). I had a lot of fun with this (probably not for the betterment of the movie, but whatever).


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what did i just watch

Happy Easter indeed. I was quite impressed at how insane this was. The funniest part was easily the bit with the hole. I especially liked all this insane action. I don't know why he changed the blood color. Well, I don't know why most of the stuff here happens.

The fourth wall jokes were great. I haven't seen the other episodes. I always feel bad for that. This was just really entertaining. Does the Easter Bunny even have a defined color?


One question, WHY THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU THANKING HITLER!?! I bet you weren't counting on anyone reading the credits, did you. Also it was pretty cool when he paused the goddamn game and set the blood color to green, and the part where the subtitles talked about draping a chicken. But seriously, how did Hitler help?


1 of many favorits,,,my other1 is the NINTENDO 64 controler...my heart and soul was about to pop out of my chest.