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Tween Like a Pro

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Tweening is a valuable skill for all new Flash users. As a renowned Flash author myself, I felt it was my duty to make this tutorial to usher in the next generation of amazing animators.

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fail but hey wow you put at least the right age-group for this, respect your best work with a universe between the others ;)

anyhow still a flashtrash

Sidorio responds:

My best work? Best? As in...good? What the fuck are you talking about?



Sidorio responds:

I've sucked only one dick in my life and it was rather awkward because it was my father.


Well.. I feel educated...Thanks! *is serious, I didn't know what tweening was*
The "rabbit" looked a little odd at the "tip of its ears", though

Sidorio responds:

That wasn't a rabbit. It was a vagina.

Ok, would be better without the "rabbit"

I would have given this a 5 or 6 if it where not for the pornographic content, due to that I think you should increase the rating to M of A (where it says nudity and has the circles none, mild or heavy click on mild or heavy). Remember if you don't do this you are saying it's suitable for ages 6 and up.

Sidorio responds:

Oh my, heavy pornography? A midget taking it up the ass from a shemale is heavy pornography. A monkey performing fellatio on a ten year old boy is heavy pornography. A solitary flaccid penis is not heavy pornography. I do not wake up in the morning and look at my penis, only to look away and feel violated by the horror of it. I would assume that you don't either, though by this point I am genuinely doubting whether you have a penis at all.

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Mar 30, 2010
6:35 AM EDT