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How to Catch a Hippo

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Have you ever wondered how to catch a Hippo?

This cartoon is based on a joke told by one of my professors. It took me some time to realize that it would be great to turn it into cartoon. There is not much of animation in this one. I tried to make it as simple as I could. My main objective was to make you laugh rather than wondering over some visual effects. It was made in two days.

A big "Thank You" to GiantJuicyKickBalls for lending his voice. He has done an awesome job :D

Hope you will enjoy it.
See ya later :)

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Highly entertaining.

I always get a kick out of the false instructional videos, this one is surely one not to be forgotten. The only thing I didn't like was how there was not anything to glance at for background purposes and the constant white space made the flash seem less appealing. I loved the sense of humor, the whole "state the obvious" theme was perfect for this kind of flash. I think this style of comedy go well with users on this site, it has a sense that makes them feel smart and dumb at the same time.

The animation was very unique and I loved the part about flipping the binoculars. It's one of those moments where at first you're like wtf and then after a few seconds of elaborate thinking you just go "OHHHHH". Overall, great job on this flash. I'm looking forward to seeing your future flashes, as long as you keep up the sense of humor you portrayed in this flash, you should be living the high life. Keep up the great work, man.

Matija27 responds:

Thanks dude :)


gota go catch em all :)

Haha cute

haha this was a cute flash along with a neat idea seemed to work hand and hand, the backround was abit "BLAND" something to fix later, and i thought the entire flash could use some subtitles, but with all that said i was pleased with the entertaining outcome, nice job here

Add some color or backdrops to the backrounds, and some subtitles would be a nice add on for this film

Good funny flash here


Matija27 responds:

I thought that it would look better without background. Maybe next time, hehe.
I was thinking about subtitles too. Maybe I will add them later.

Thanks for the constructive review :)


It's one of those "So stupidly obvious - it's funny" clips. Great job. I'll admit, I had a 'lol' moment.

Perception is everything.

Good enough for a quick laugh, but nothing amazing. I am curious though, as to what you professor was teaching when this was brought up? I guess there are a few subjects under which this particular topic might come up, from psychology to quantum mechanics.

Matija27 responds:

He teaches maths, hehe. He has some weird techniques when teaching maths, but it works :)