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Get with the Times

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Author Comments

The first two events described in this cartoon are true. Special thanks to Alex Boese, author of ELEPHANTS ON ACID, and Cole Gamble of Cracked.com for providing the inspiration.


This cartoon was actually completed a few months ago and I'm just now putting it on NG. Special thanks from the animator to all the voice actors, Kyle, Ngawang, and especially Josh. Without them, this would not have been possible.

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oh im sure we'll be quite fine! well, maybe not....hmmmm.

You my good sir may have stumbled upon our future, or it may even be in the present now......god help the bronies.



its been a while since i last looked at your work I'm happy to see that its still growing well and getting much better the graphics were clean the story well build and the voice acting seemed almost pro so 10/10 5/5

the time of our choosing...

We as a species will not die from any natural event that was designed by the minds of any prophet or god, but by the whims of man, we shall perish in the time of our choosing.
And when we can live a hedonistic life with no need for one another, no true need to feel love or closure to another human... then truly we are no longer what we were, nor what we were meant to become, But an abomination, one that would surely destroy itself faster than any enemy could have dreamed before.