David Wants His Cake

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He would be upset if he doesn't!

Help David achieve his goal known as cake! Make sure his amount of calories pierce the heavens!

Lol, anime reference.

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this game sucks. i like the others better.


1.it could use more instructions in beginning
2.and what is the point of click kongregate or newgrounds

Nothing new

This would be a fun game, if it hasn't already been done a thousand times. The game is of decent workmanship and there wasn't anything glaringly wrong with it but I have seen better versions of the snake game and therefore your submission seems less polished than them. Try and make something new and original next time, it often is more fun.

A few suggestions . . .

Some suggestions:
-You shouldn't die from going off the edge, instead make it so you just can't go through the walls at all.
-I think it would be better if you gained only one square at a time, not ten.
-The character you control should be a little slower.

Okay at best

While SNake is a classically fun game, the 'fun' here isn't accomplished well.
The main problem is that it doesn't go anywhere. Most snake games get gradually faster as the snake gets longer, this doesn't happen here and therefor while the snake gets longer, it doesn't get much harder and gets boring quite quickly. The cake and the snake are quite hard to see against the animated background, and even against the static BG it is still hard to make objects out.

Fun premise, but you have a lot to work on.

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3.73 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2010
8:44 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other