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Nothing new... and nothing so good.

Mmm... This has some problems.
First of all, a start menu. And, of course, a preloader.
No controls explanation... no one borns "teached" (quote).
As others said, "sound's not a bad thing" and "bad landing on a platform". Yeah, that's the matter: u may redesign level(s?) making it (or "them"?) more interesting.
Also... What's the meaning of "HEALTH POINTS" in a platform game? I mean when player touches something "wrong", he dies. Full stop. Period. Give some "Lifes" system, ok, but IMHO a HP system has totally no-sense in a platform game.
And please, please, please give a end to the game session when player dies (right... when player dies at all?).
Nevertheless graphics aren't so bad... nothing so nice or special, but appreciable.

it's not too bad

not too bad just needs some check points and sound and such


Much like others have said the game could have been good but was a bit lacking. To the author I do have a few suggestions.

1. Even though the controls are intuative, it doesn't hurt to display them.

2. When you fall the game doesn't restart and you don't respawn you need to fix that.

3. The end? of the game is no end, just some words for a platform (not a clue what they say I am guessing something along the lines of thank you for playing) and some more smileys you can't collect. The game should have a goal of some sort. Try adding more levels and a goal. You have us collect smileys, why? There should be a purpose even if just for score.

4. You should work on your art and design of platforms and enemies some. The game is about a 2/5 asthetically.

5. Sound is generally not a bad thing.

6. The game feels very unfinished, perhaps you weren't submitting it as a finished game but were looking for ideas and suggestions. You should have said that.

To the players the platform you cant land on you just need to keep jumping while you are on it. I don't know if this is intentional or not. But yeah, the end of the game is near after you bounce to the next "elevator"

After you die using forward under the right click menu will take you to the restart command.

2/10 for effort. Please rework and resubmit.

why do i just die and not respawn

this is ok but quite a few glitches such as:i fall and dont respawn, cant land on a platform, and its graphics are sketchy.

It was looking to be a solid 3/5, but...

When I fell, I did not respawn at some times, which broke the game and forced me to refresh my window screen.

The premise, while unoriginal and lacked good execution, was okay and I actually enjoyed it to the point where I actually continued to play after a minutes time, and actually had some fun in it.

Improve on the art and add a little more originality to the gameplay, and you will have a stellar game in my opinion.

Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2010
4:25 PM EDT