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Nothing new... and nothing so good.

Mmm... This has some problems.
First of all, a start menu. And, of course, a preloader.
No controls explanation... no one borns "teached" (quote).
As others said, "sound's not a bad thing" and "bad landing on a platform". Yeah, that's the matter: u may redesign level(s?) making it (or "them"?) more interesting.
Also... What's the meaning of "HEALTH POINTS" in a platform game? I mean when player touches something "wrong", he dies. Full stop. Period. Give some "Lifes" system, ok, but IMHO a HP system has totally no-sense in a platform game.
And please, please, please give a end to the game session when player dies (right... when player dies at all?).
Nevertheless graphics aren't so bad... nothing so nice or special, but appreciable.