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LL - Chile Earthquake

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Poor Origami, lives in Chile. Did he survive? Find out!

Also, this collab was basically done like a week or two ago but due to my famous collaboration compiling skills, it took this long to actually upload it lmfao.

Enjoy it anyways.

Special thanks go to:
Sunshine Lock for the preloader, since i lost my preloader together with my gay ass hard drive
Chris "Oney" O'Neill, for doing some amazing voice acting to make my part more appealing. Thanks man!!
Sean "Seankiely" Kiely, for providing additional voices (??) for the easter egg.

part 1 - Coffee Lock
part 2 - ZTEAGH Lock (Zombie Turtle Eating A Guy's Head Lock)
part 3 - Pumpkin Lock (hey, that's me!)
part 4 - Wine Lock
Credits - Pizza/Circa Lock

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wine lol

wine was WHINING about origami's 'death' lol

I love how people are so serious about this.

loved your part pumpkin. that's how it prolly went down.

RIP Origami

Oh wait, he didn't die. How nice.

Also cocks


i from chile and this is not a joke for me

Psi43 responds:

I live in Germany and i think the whole earthquake was a conspiracy set up by the chile government...

I found it a little offensive

Dear sirs, As I see, youre using your animation to say hello to a friend wich maybe lost his house and all his belongins, and at the same time many peoble died on that earthquake, like the things on 9/11, nobody wante to see something funny about it cause your people's hearts was broken, think the same for this people.