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Let's Type

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Let's Type is a fast and fun KeyBoard Game. Press the same key that appears on the screen as fast as you can!
You start with 3 lives. As you keep playing, difficulty will grow up, giving you less and less time. Also, you have to avoid red letters, or you will lose a life.

Update! Ranking system implemented!

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Real fun! It could be a perfect Facebook game!


Nice little game, too bad there wasn't any scoreboard at the end, i still liked it though.


Quite nice game, but you should use words instead of single letters. It would be easier on the easy level. But now it's also ok.


I think I got to the last level because nothing happened after the top part so I quit...
Final score: 190310
Max combo: 91

It was fun! :)

Simple but pretty fun

I got to the second to last stage and then my leet typing skills failed me :( Pretty fun game!