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This is an rpg/platformer hybrid like the Castlevania games on the DS, which is something I've never seen in Flash before so I decided to spend a lot of time and effort making one in Flash. It was a pain in the butt at times to get something this complex working in Flash, especially since I had relatively little experience with Actionscript when I started, so I hope you all enjoy it. The controls are explained in the "Help" section on the main menu and also by the soldier in the starting area, but here they are for further convenience:

Up Arrow - Jump
Down Arrow - Talk, go through doors or windows, etc.
Left and Right Arrows - This should be obvious
X - Attack
C - Hold down to charge magic, then release when bar at bottom left is flashing to cast
Z - Go to next dialog page when talking to someone
F - Use carbonated fruit punch (Restore HP)
G - Use green tea (Restore MP)
H - Use holy ward (Remove curse)
Space - Open status window
Esc - Close status window
1 thru 6 - Change selected magic spell (Can change any time)
Q thru U - Change equipped weapon (Only in status window)

If you're cursed, you can't attack with your weapon, so use a holy ward, cast anti-curse, or find a Zenu statue as soon as possible. You can break baskets and flower pots for items that restore HP or MP or give you money.

The game is automatically saved every time you enter a new area (when you touch an arrow post or go through a door).

If you can't figure out how to get past a certain area, just ask in the comments and I'll help you out. Remember that you need to use spells to get through certain obstacles.

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Surprisingly, this is better than the sequal. The controls actually work fine in this game.

The screen manages to be shaky, but nothing has happened, in terms of the game glitching out.

I just wish this one had medals to achieve. Regardless, this game is more fun and enjoyable than the sequal.


I played XFII first. Then found this little gem. This one was a bit easier, but much longer and more indepth than the first one. If you combine the map of the second one with the expansiveness of the first one, you would have a game worth buying. Well, ok, it would have to be a lot bigger but you have a great idea and a great sense of humor.


I only got to the math shop place, but the storyline is so epic, I'll remember to finish it. But I need to take a break from it for awhile, play some Mario Kart.

Loved it, just some small changes.

This is a great game. I love it when gamer fans take a game that they loved and recreate it to something new. Plus there was no level cap that I know of which is great (beat it at level 21)

Pretty much the same as pierrecurie has said. I had a hard time with the jumps, and realized I had to jump at the tip of the platform to complete most jumps. With the speed I have and no way to get back quicker, I had to take a minute just to walk back and start over.

Also I notice that sometime my melee would go into rapid attack mode (I don't know how I triggered this). I would be constantly swinging my weapon, twice as fast without stop, until I cast a spell or exit the area.

Other then that, it's a really good game. Just take care of some of the bugs, make jumps easier and increase speed if you can (mostly the jumps)

Great game, with minor flaws.

Most importantly, this game needs more checkpoints. The final boss encounter is quite a schlep from the nearest checkpoint. Walking faster would help a lot, but wouldn't solve everything.

Money doesn't scale with progress. This is a problem because the overabundance early in the game masks an eventual long term shortage. For those who haven't beaten the game yet, the shop will eventually have better gear, with the best armor costing 4000.

A couple of the jumps were tougher than necessary. Spacing them a few pixels closer together would make all the difference.

The comedy was great, though the ending was a complete deus ex machina. I look forwards to the sequel. I'm surprised a game as great as this only has 22 reviews.

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2010
5:34 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place March 18, 2010