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Ever researched copyright and was like "WTF!?!" well... not to worry, told by a talking blue carrot called "Tylor" and "I F***en have Cancer Triangle" learn the copyright basics without even moving your face.

"( Not Responding )" (with brackets) is the title of a series I intended to make one day if it gets popular enough.

The laws in here apply mainly to Australia, and it doesn't cover every aspect of copyright.

There's a lot of "easter eggs" in this, so if you are really into it, go back and have a look at some of the objects a little closer.

The place I studied when I made this is now using it as an introduction video to their copyright criteria.

PS: Tylor's mouth is supposed to be on backwards.

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It was Nice :)

Just that i didn't like the carrot :( Sorry... It was fun tho.

dhedarkhcustard responds:

The carrot is my favorite character of all the characters I've invented. But he was supposed to be a dumb-ass so I guess not liking him is a good thing? Dunno. Thanks for the review :)

Very informative

Very informative - and its fun to watch, so it wasn't boring at all.

Good job

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Thanks! My aim was to make a boring subject as entertaining as possible, so it looks like it worked. :D

kinda funny

its good but is that all you talk about copyright and wats with the carrots mouth?

dhedarkhcustard responds:

I mentioned in the commentary that the mouth is supposed to be like that... there's a long story behind it (behind it, get it?) but basically its because noone's ever done a character with their mouth on their back before.

The cartoon is supposed to be about copyright, so that is why I only talk about copyright. If you watched a TV show about penguins, would you complain that it only talks about penguins?


you sure you didn't make this for some government PR? :))

dhedarkhcustard responds:

I am sure, otherwise it'd not be on Newgrounds. But people tell me it could be used for things like the government, education etc.


first I watched it and I was like... what????
but then i saw.... nice jon :)

dhedarkhcustard responds:

Yes, it was supposed to be educational without looking like it was supposed to be :P

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Mar 15, 2010
7:42 AM EDT