Muay thai vs Karate

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Unfortunately, the kind of incidents that occur in this flash is not rare. People DO fight over trying to prove their martial art is the best. Go to any martial arts video posted on youtube. YOu'll find many people going like "Hey! Muay Thai is better than Karate!" Then some other guy will say " You dont know anything abt martial arts". SO basically my aim of this video is to show people to stop fighting over something so stupid.
Music by CommanderB.
Flash by me.
Questions you might ask:
Why dont you put more dramatic fighting scenes like flips and stuff?
Answer: I want the flash to be abit more to how a real fight might look like. FOr example, people dont take turns punching each other in real life. THey would keep hitting each other without rythm.
Why do you tween the heads so much at the beginning?
Answer: I suck at expressions. Perhaps you could teach me?
To Funniest Kid alive, sorry that Im not working on our flash yet, I wanted to finish this first. You'll forgive me right? :D
Btw, reviewers try to guess who's the guy at the end, laughing!


Very good...

Finish is very good :)

But very poor,they died :(

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pelepone responds:

lol they didnt die... THey just got KOed. :P


My martial art is best.NOW EVERYONE GUESS

pelepone responds:

Lol thx... what is your martial art? Haahahah.

great stuff

this has proven too me that you are an excellent animator obviously experienced . way better than i could be i'm just a voice actor and a writer i can honestly say i give you a big thumbs up 10 stars

pelepone responds:

Lol, thx alot! But still sucked at expressions. Anyway, sorry that I just started on our project, I have to get on with it immediately!


why are they crying like babys?

pelepone responds:

Lol, if I got into a fight, I'd be enraged when I get hit, so I WOULD cry. Lol.


Cool animation, graphics could be better, but nice special effect. I agree that except Judo, all martial art doesn't really matter, it's always the martial artist who makes the true difference.

pelepone responds:

Thx for the high points. Judo is a VERY good art tho. All martial arts have weaknesses in them. Judo's weakness is that it is a grappling art and like all grappling arts, there is very little striking in them. That is Judo's weakness, but at the same time, Judo allows black belt 4' 0 kids to throw 6' 0 adults across the floor. Now that is a great feat!

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3.27 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2010
3:05 AM EDT