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Comedy - Original

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Mar 12, 2010 | 3:21 PM EST

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This is my first WorldOfTom flash that i made i have others that i am making at the moment and if i can get the new lazy character's audio(the person doing the voice is the lazy 1) then i can uploa at least 3 other ones



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The sound and voices were annoying, the drawings and the animation too simple, the "jokes" not funny and the video, not worth watching. It seems that you tried to create a comedy video, but it was not funny at all. And it resembled Eddsworld a little, if you ask me. Now, how about some tips?
There was no music in the entire flash. This is not right. Most of the times, a good video needs music. Without a song coming to our ears, the silence usually makes the video boring (although there are exceptions for this, like the Jerry series from HotDiggedyDemon). And that's what this video is, boring. I suggest you taking a look at the audio portal; there thousands and thousands (if not millions) of songs there that you could use in a way or another. And I also think the sounds used were painfull to hear and the voice-acting was bad. Maybe you could contact some good people willing to help on the BBS or posting a message on the frontpage, I dunno.
About the animation, it was something too... silly. The drawings weren't that good and the animation didn't have much movement (not mentionating your "smoothness"...). The preloader, the introduction and the credits had only a simple and boring white background. Even if they were black instead of white it would be better (I think it's because it gives that movie feeling =p). The sky was only a blue space and the grass, a green one. WORLDOFTOM, give this baby more details! At least try to do so. Draw more, train more, think more, get better! If you can make the visual quality better, so will be your video. Try making more (and smooth) movements and decent drawings. And for example, don't use just one colour in each part of the scenario; and give a chance to some FBF (frame by frame) animation.
Ok, so maybe you think that it's too much work for you, but you still want to submit videos to NG. Well, if that would be the case, I say one last thing to you, fella: make it enjoyable. It doesn't matter if your video is like this or like that; as long as it's enjoyable people will give their 5s and "AWESOME!"s to you. Some flashes don't actually have much quality or effort put into it, but if people like to see it anyway, that's all that matters for most of them! But be aware that quality (musical and visual) is always important to make a video enjoyable. Some of them are enjoyable just by the fact that they have very well made animations and songs in it. What I'm trying to say is this: if you want to make a movie that people would enjoy, watch it and think if you enjoy it yourself. Forget all that you passed creating your work, think that it's from someone else and how you would rate it. Boring or enjoyable? "Now you're thinking with flash portals" ;)
Anyway, I think I've already written enough :s. Now taking a look at my opinion and hating or liking my suggestions, I hope you make something nice and funny next time, WORLDOFTOM. A "fuck you" from you would just mean to me that you now know many things that could make your videos better (I'm almost sure you would read the review because, after all, like... "WOW! A huge review? About my video?! I have to check it out!" XD). And I guess that's what matters in the end of a review, right? Ok, ok, I'll stop writing now. Good luck on your future projects, buddy.

WORLDOFTOM responds:

Thanks for the comment really helpful i will take into account what you have said and try to improve on the next video and also yes i am doing something like eddsworld they where the ones that got me wanting to make flash videos ;)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

why not

hey ok, the story is not really cool...but the style of the vid is not bad.

perhaps you guys should release the next one with a bit more

WORLDOFTOM responds:



Rated 3 / 5 stars


isnt this just eddsworld but worse?

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WORLDOFTOM responds:

up urs noob!

thanks for commenting tho :P


Rated 4 / 5 stars


This was nice :P even though the...expression in your voice from getting bite by a dog...wasn't that great :P

WORLDOFTOM responds: