You Need A Health Bar!

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Ever wonder how video game characters are able survive against all of the enemies and obstacles they encounter? They have a Health Bar (TM), and now you can get one as well!

Update: Wow, Daily 2nd! It feels unbelievable after coming to this site all of these years that one of my animations would do so well. Thank you very much for all of your support, and I intend to use all of your suggestions to improve my future projects.



I gotta say, looking at this on the front page, I thought, "Wow. They spoiled the punchline already." But you took the punchline and dragged it out so far it became funny. Brilliant.

Oh btw, You need a health bar.
Like this?

It's so so...

Didn't like the background music '-'


that was awesome I wish we had healh bars in real life

That health bar sounds amazing, but...

Will it protect me from on coming trafic?
Wont it just prolong my suffering at the hands of bullys?
Will it give me cancer?
Will it cover me in the event of a heart attack or stroke?
Won't it cause an untimely death as a result of several insignificant injuries?

honestly though, I'd love to have a health bar, but I'd be worried that a insignificant injuries like paper cuts and stubbed toes might accidentally drain the whole thing without me noticing.

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background music

Well.. i didn't go like "whoa..!! LOL ..Nice", but just "ok..lol".
I blame the background music, it should have been something more advertisement alike.
the most funniest joke of all..... lol.. it was at the part were it talks about rising your health bar, it remembered me those advertisements about rising your penis size.. which was srsly funney xD

Anyway.. the rest was really cool :D specially when one of the Team Fortress characters stands still while he is been shotted continually.. xD
Dude..if i had a health bar, i would be the most coolest guy in school*.

Do more.. :O

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Mar 12, 2010
11:23 AM EST
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