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Gravqx (Mini version)

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Here's a miniature version of a game that I put together during the testing of Multimedia Fusion 2's Flash runtime, to try out various maths, collision, control and online aspects - I've given it the unwieldy name "Gravqx", and you can make up a pronunciation for yourself. This is a small sort of advert version - the full game has seven more courses and an online best time table:

http://www.clickteam.info /davidn/games/gravqx

It's a sort of skill/racing type game - the object is to guide your improbably fragile ship around courses as fast as possible, working with and against the force of gravity, without hitting the walls and blowing to pieces.

Hold the mouse button anywhere on the screen to thrust in the direction of the cursor - the amount you move is dependent on the distance from the cursor to the ship as well as the angle. I've tried to coach other testers into going slowly at first and building up to higher speeds later on, but as it turns out I'm apparently the only person on earth who's able to control it, here's some video evidence that it's possible to move around smoothly: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=f3cv_Pch0EE

Good luck!


not bad

its fun and challenging

I wasnt about to give this a grand score...

but then i found out you can torch the flowers, sweet game, send me a message or something when you put the full one up!

DavidXN responds:

You can play the full game here! http://www.davidn.co.nr/games/gravqx/

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2.35 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2010
9:42 PM EST
Skill - Avoid