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The Bumblebee

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Here's my first 2010 Flash. Dang, it took awhile to get into the animating spirit, but here it finally is. Took me a nice amount of time, cuz I really got into the details on this one. I'm pretty proud of it. So here's the story of a bumblebee, running away from a nerd with a jar, jar's lid, and terrible aim.

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The chase scene went on for abit long, i didnt know if it was just repeating itself or whether it was ever gonna end. But it was drawn well, just mix the animation up abit next time, add some different scenes or even just change the camera angle.


Uh... You watch to much Family Guy. The same thing, repeated over and over and over, with a sligh change in appererce (AKA the family guy effect) Doesn't amuse most pople.
Just like that show, you could have ending that chase scene minutes earlier. Not to mention, all you did was drag the object, his hand/lid over the bee and backround, I knew that and I don't even animate man...
The over all idea was good though, better animated and less samethingy-ness, and its fine.
Also, asthetic point, bee's have round wings, not triangled.

Buck Bumble

This flash reminded me of a video game years ago. lol. well i gota say it was well done but you could have added more. sound FX....a different direction? maybe? Also it got kinda boring at times. you need to spice it up maybe give it a plot? im not dis-ing it. It was well drawn and for a moment had some humor. im just saying with your obvious flash knowledge you can do better. :)