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Samurai Tournament

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Author Comments

Click to switch between "defense mode" and "attack mode"
Defense mode : rollover the green zones on the screen
with your mouse.
Attack mode : press mouse button and move up and down.
press space bar to pause.

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the head ...

the head of the level 10 guy turns into that from the level 9 guy when you hit him ...
its funny :p

Appart from that, its a good game ! But maybe some more veriaty in the sound.

flashkof responds:

oups I fix this issue ! thank you

Personally, I think it needs work.

I like the concept of play, and how it all works, but my problem with it is that sometimes the mouse just doesn't connect when you are trying to make a swing to attack. The defense works properly though sometimes the enemy characters do attack too quickly for even a mouse to keep up with.

Graphics are great though, and I notice the contestant voices are voices from various fighting games (I can recognise Link easily) which works for the yells of trying to kill people with your sword. :D

Overall, apart from the mouse problems, I think this is a great game and I'll be giving it a four out of five. Congrats.

i think

u spelled samurai wrong. but other than that...nice work.

flashkof responds:

exactly, I change the title with "samurai" thanks

Very good idea

Needs some perfection though, maybe different types of attacks that take longer but do more damage? I dunno just felt it got a little repetitive but mostly it's awesome. Very good graphics too!


I wish I had a mouse now, instead of my crappy trackpad. NIce idea tho :D