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Hello Newgrounds!

I finally got some free time to put together a quality flash. I hope you enjoy :)

About the Flash: Took about 20 hours to make, worked on for 3 days. Inspiration from playing bioshock, this was originally my part for my horror collaboration, but due to lack of activity in the collab I decided to make it a solo piece.

Please Vote & Comment :)


awesome twist.


Made me Jump at the End But it was Kinda Funny. Rlly Good Job.


Great work, man!


This reminded me of the book of scary stories I used to read when I was younger. All of them were drawn very creepy like and the use of the big Boo at the end was used in full effect. Although I wasn't scared or didn't jump, I could tell that if I was in a darker room and really sat here and watched it I am sure I could have gotten in the mood to be scared.. yea. But regardless I love how the thing yelled good, that was an awesome touch mostly because, like I said before, it was like the old scary stories. Nostalgia aside it did seem you took alot of time to make this and being a HUGE horror fan I say it was pretty damn good, better than most the crap (film wise) that they are trying to shovel down our throats now adays.

I also really like authors who write back to those who rate their submission, shows they actually back up their flash and really care about the work they did to get it on this site. Although i do not do flash or have done it, I know how much work goes into doing one. Loved the creepy music and the behind the fan angle, very artistic and different.

All in all, I have to say this is one of the few horror flashes out there that really makes me want to watch more film in this fashion, the kind where its not all blood and guts but actual unnerving affect on you. Make you think about things. Whew this is a long review. In any case keep up the good work, your effort has not gone unnoticed and has not been taken for granted, at least not by me.

Thank you for your great flash, please do more, creepy type stories,


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ReklessCreati0n responds:

thanks man, I really love the comments I get from fans or just people critiquing my work. Yeah a bit of work went into this one, I'm actually working on another horror Collaboration with a few more artists... so you get all that nostialga in one place.


I jumped. DAMN that thing was ugly! Good job!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

haha! thanks, i was saying the same thing as i was drawing it lol

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Mar 3, 2010
3:01 AM EST