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Author Comments

Hello fellow newgrounders!

Finally i can submit my 1st -ever- flash animation.
This is the first project i've ever done with Flash and my Intuos 3 and it's VERY SHORT!

Everything is hand-made, took me about 12 hours, but i'm just beginning :)
Rate and comment plz, all reviews are interesting since i'd like to improve my skillz...

Hope you enjoy, it talks about the feelings I had the moment i started the project.



Very good for a first one!,sad story maybe later you could make a longer,more detailed verson of this. It was GREAT animation definitly for a first sooooo


good luck with future works!

Sp4ce responds:

Yeah, i had in mind to do it again when i would have improved my skills, wait and see :) ~~

Thanks for the review!

Really good for your first

I like the animation, but for your next movie detail is always a plus. (shading, shadows, highlights...etc) And one more suggestion, check your sound levels, they are a bit high and tin'ie. Besides that great work, and I am looking forward to your next piece.

Sp4ce responds:

Ahhh detail, yes, this was meant to be a story AND a challenge for my (noob)Drawing skills, but yes, i also figured myself that i should add a lot more detail.
I'll try on my next flash, but my drawing skills being not that high, i'm not that sure of it's quality x)
I'll spend more time on it too :)

About the sounds level, i believe this is just the music but i'll try checking next time :)

Thanks for the review!

A good start.

Keep up your efforts. You show a lot of potential! Next up, voice acting!
The music is nice.

Check out some of the animation tutorials in the portal; they are helpful to me, perhaps you might find some useful tips within as well.

Sp4ce responds:

Hehe, French music band, the music is by Ez3kiel - "Mon plus beau cauchemard" not that bad thought, huh? ^^
Voice acting? Hmmm, why not? I mean, i try to make it as close as the feeling(s) i want to express so it could help too; i'm gonna check 'bout materials and stuff for VA.

About the tutorials on NG, i've already checked, and used, some, still there are plenty so i'll try checking more of them. However i'm also trying to improve my drawing skills on my own ^^

Thanks for the review!

seems deep

i randomly started crying.... yet i am the type who doesnt cry after watching marly and me

is this supposed to have a VERY deep meaning to it?

Sp4ce responds:

It IS deep, i said that i was using some of my past experiences as an inspiration but i also wanted to appeal to everyone, and the feelings almost everyone have ever felt...

Yet, i'll try making a less deep subject for my next flash, 'till i get the skills to produce something that really matches what i want to express.

Anyway, thanks for the review!


In my opinion this was a bit short as you said but the artwork isn't to bad for a beginner because some of the ones I see are just disgustiong to look at but other then that I expect to see you go far if you keep at it and you improve your art skills a bit.

Sp4ce responds:

Hi! Thanks for the review!

Yes, i'm actually trying to improve my drawing and animation skills for my next flash,
I'll also try spending more time on the design, to make it longer and to have smoother movements.

Thanks again for your review!

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Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2010
8:27 PM EST